We have 2 different SteelPods

Our original 3/4 SteelPod has handy shelves eitherside of the bed. Our new full-width SteelPod does away with the shelves for a bed of maximum size.

A sliding bed in a van made from black hexa board, to create a day-van experience

Full Details

What is a SteelPod?

A SteelPod is a versatile and secure metal unit designed to be installed in the back of your van, transforming it into a multi-functional space. It features fully extending rear drawers that provide easy access to your belongings without the need to climb in and out of your vehicle. The top of the SteelPod doubles as an integrated sliding bed, allowing you to convert your van into a comfortable day-van where two people can sleep.

The SteelPod begins with a robust metal frame that is securely attached to the lashing points commonly found in the rear of vans. Both the bed and the drawers are then firmly secured to this frame, ensuring stability and durability.

Key Features of SteelPod:

  • Fully Extending Drawers: Safe and easy access to your belongings.
  • Integrated Sliding Bed: Converts your van into a day-van for comfortable sleeping.
  • Secure Metal Frame: Attaches to existing lashing points in your van for added stability.
  • One of the cheapest, quickest and longlasting ways to convert your van into a day-van.

Benefits of SteelPod:

  • Maximise your van’s storage space.
  • Your items are hidden from view and there are options for locking drawers
  • Utilise for work, holiday and family
  • Options to integrate cookers and bike mounts

Browse the photos below to see the SteelPod in action and learn more about how it can enhance your van experience.